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  • Sophie - A Rescue Story

    Two months ago, Sophie, a 5-6 month-old German Shepherd, was turned in to the shelter by her owner because she couldn’t afford medical care. The owner said Sophie was attacked by another dog two days prior. She clearly had a broken front leg and over 50 puncture wounds. She was covered in dirt so the first thing done by our staff member Chelsea was bathe her. Despite the pain she must have been feeling, Sophie was so sweet and loving to everyone. Our kennel supervisor Jen took her to an off-site vet, Dr. Boyd, for X-rays and exam. He cleaned up her wounds and put her on pain meds and antibiotics. He said the infection was already setting in so she was probably attacked at least a week before being turned in. Our Rescue Liason, Susanne, reached out to Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC ( They agreed to come get her the next day. They took her to their vet. She underwent surgery to repair her broken leg, along with the insertion of multiple drains. Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC says she is doing amazing and is now ready to be adopted. Thank you Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC and all our rescue partners for your support as we continuously work hard to Make a Difference One Life at a Time.

  • Luna Bear - An Adoption Determined to Happen

    In November, Nell was looking for the perfect German Shepherd mix. As she explored rescue dogs online Nell saw one-year old Luna Bear's post on our Facebook page ( and messaged about her. The biggest problem was about 2,000 miles. Nell lives in Chicago but wanted to adopt Luna Bear from our shelter, located in Apple Valley, CA. But with dedication and newfound love, a solution will always be found... Nell completed the adoption over the phone. Next she found a pet sitter here in Apple Valley to keep Luna Bear for 3 days until her friend, a transporter, picked Luna Bear up and took the sweet shepherd to her new home in Chicago. Today, Luna Bear lives with her new owner Nell and her boyfriend Justin, who adore her. She is currently being trained to be a service dog. Thank you, Nell, for giving Luna Bear a forever home.

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  • HOME | Victor Valley Animal Protective League | Apple Valley CA

    LATEST NEWS Victor Valley Animal Protective League’s full-time veterinarian accepted a position with the Peace Corps. Due to a nationwide veterinarian shortage, we have been unable to fill her position. While our search continues, a relief veterinarian will provide spay/neuter services only for shelter animals through the end of December. Starting January 1, 2023, we will add limited spay/neuter services to public animals. Due to City of Victorville contract requirements, Victorville residents will receive priority scheduling. We will continue to offer vaccination appointments on a limited basis to public animals. No residency required for vaccinations. VVAPL is open and serving the community. If you love animals and would like to help, volunteers are always welcomed. Contact the volunteer coordinator at . The Board of Directors and Staff continue to make the care of our animals a top priority. Victor Valley Animal Protective League (VVAPL) is a lifesaving leader in the Victor Valley, located in Southern California, dedicated to saving animal lives. ADOPT Adopting a pet saves and changes lives for good. Pets belong with people, and adopting from VVAPL helps to place wonderful dogs and cats in loving homes across the nation and beyond. MORE INFO FOSTER Fostering a shelter pet for any amount of time enriches their lives and opens up space at the shelter. Being a foster is a rewarding way to improve the lives of dogs and cats in our community. MORE INFO VOLUNTEER Volunteering at VVAPL is an easy way to give back to your community, and helps us meet our mission of saving every pet that can be saved. Read on to learn more about our volunteer programs. MORE INFO DONATE Your donations (recurring or one-time) help to keep the lights on, our staff paid, and the dogs and cats warm and safe while we find them new homes. Learn more about supporting VVAPL below. MORE INFO Give a lifesaving gift today. Saving Animals Since 1958 $100 $50 $25 OTHER ABOUT US Victor Valley Animal Protective League (VVAPL) is a non-profit 501(c)3 animal shelter and adoption center serving the Victor Valley communities and beyond. We provide homeless animals with shelter and care while working to find them new homes. VVAPL helps more than 2,000 animals each year. All pets are vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed/neutered prior to adoption. OUR MISSION To save animal lives and make a difference by providing compassionate care, loving homes, and empowering and engaging pet parents and the community with low-cost services, resources and education. Become a VVAPL Furry Friend Hero! Our Furry Friends Heroes monthly giving program provides revenue support we can count on, allowing us to focus our energy on saving and caring for animals instead of fundraising. It's also a good way to show your commitment to VVAPL's lifesaving mission. MAKE A MONTHLY GIFT Subscribe to Our Newsletter SUBSCRIBE Thanks for subscribing! Contact CONTACT SUBMIT Thanks for submitting! DIRECTIONS VICTOR VALLEY ANIMAL PROTECTIVE LEAGUE 21779 Zuni Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92307 (760) 247-2102

  • WISH LIST | Victor Valley Animal Protective League | Apple Valley CA

    Wish Lists VVAPL has an Amazon Wish List you can use to purchase supplies that will be delivered directly to the shelter. Items for local purchase and drop-off at the shelter: Dog Food (dry) Cat Food (dry) P elletized Horse Bedding/Litter (available at Tractor Supply - 40lb bags) K itten Food (dry and canned) Tortoise Food (dandelion greens, cucumbers, yellow squash, spring mix) Dog/Cat Toys Paper Towels Blankets White Copy Paper Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, and 9-volt) Surro-Kitty w/Heartbeat Dish Soap Hand Soap Simple Green or equivalent Distilled Water Trash Bags (13 and 30 gallon) Isopropyl Alcohol Cotton Balls Karo Syrup

  • FURRY FRIENDS HEROES | Victor Valley Animal Protective League | Apple Valley CA

    Become a VVAPL Furry Friend Hero! Our monthly giving program, starting at only $19.58 (our year of incorporation), provides revenue support we can count on, allowing us to focus our energy on saving and caring for animals. The program will be awarding its heroes with exclusive giveaways and content throughout the year. Become a Furry Friend Hero and show your commitment to VVAPL's lifesaving mission. Interested in making a one-time donation? Click HERE.

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