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Luna Bear - An Adoption Determined to Happen

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

In November, Nell was looking for the perfect German Shepherd mix. As she explored rescue dogs online Nell saw one-year old Luna Bear's post on our Facebook page ( and messaged about her. The biggest problem was about 2,000 miles. Nell lives in Chicago but wanted to adopt Luna Bear from our shelter, located in Apple Valley, CA. But with dedication and newfound love, a solution will always be found...

Nell completed the adoption over the phone. Next she found a pet sitter here in Apple Valley to keep Luna Bear for 3 days until her friend, a transporter, picked Luna Bear up and took the sweet shepherd to her new home in Chicago.

Today, Luna Bear lives with her new owner Nell and her boyfriend Justin, who adore her. She is currently being trained to be a service dog.

Thank you, Nell, for giving Luna Bear a forever home.

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