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Sophie - A Rescue Story

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Two months ago, Sophie, a 5-6 month-old German Shepherd, was turned in to the shelter by her owner because she couldn’t afford medical care. The owner said Sophie was attacked by another dog two days prior. She clearly had a broken front leg and over 50 puncture wounds. She was covered in dirt so the first thing done by our staff member Chelsea was bathe her. Despite the pain she must have been feeling, Sophie was so sweet and loving to everyone. Our kennel supervisor Jen took her to an off-site vet, Dr. Boyd, for X-rays and exam. He cleaned up her wounds and put her on pain meds and antibiotics. He said the infection was already setting in so she was probably attacked at least a week before being turned in.

Our Rescue Liason, Susanne, reached out to Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC ( They agreed to come get her the next day. They took her to their vet. She underwent surgery to repair her broken leg, along with the insertion of multiple drains.

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC says she is doing amazing and is now ready to be adopted.

Thank you Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC and all our rescue partners for your support as we continuously work hard to Make a Difference One Life at a Time.

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